Meet the Team: Rami Abou Ghanem


We’re delighted to introduce you to Rami Abou Ghanem, solutions manager based in Yardi’s Dubai office. Rami has an impressive 20 years of experience and loves meeting new people. We asked Rami a range of questions so you could get to know him better.

Position at Yardi:  Solutions Manager
Time at Yardi? 3 years and 7 months
Favourite Yardi Product?Elevate products
Number of years’ experience in the field? 20 years
Favourite thing about working for Yardi? There are so many wonderful things about working for Yardi. My favorite is probably the company culture, I enjoy working with everyone. Most of my colleagues and team members love their job and have great knowledge and experience. I’m also happy to be part of a great company who is leading the market with products that are growing and adapting new technologies and trends.
Favourite past time? My favorite past time was pre-pandemic especially on-site demos, meeting new people, and travelling for sales conferences.
Top tip for keeping clients happy? My top tips for keeping clients happy is active listening and having a communication strategy that helps in building a strong long-term relationship. For example, timely sharing relevant information and valuable contents, increasing their awareness about new tends and products that helps their business, adding a personal touch to the relationship, being realistic, clear, transparent, and not to over promise. It is also very important to be decisive and confident by taking quick and effective decisions, giving the right advice, and producing definite results.