Optimise Retail Centre Management with an All-in-One Solution


The world of real estate is evolving, not only in the way we operate but how properties are structured. The ‘building of the future’ that includes retail units with coworking spaces, residential units and commercial offices, is already being developed across the world.

Technology is reshaping operating models and it is changing consumer behaviours and preferences, especially within retail real estate. The modern retail experience is now immersive with something for every person. Shopping malls are no longer a place to spend a couple of hours of retail therapy in, but an all-day experience with cinemas, aquariums, amusement parks and ski slopes.

So, how can you benefit from technology in retail real estate?

With an end-to-end solution, such as Yardi’s Commercial Suite, you can optimise all aspects of retail centre management. However, with a wide range of solutions on the market, you end up using too many platforms that result in disparate data.

By investing in an all-in-one solution, you can easily evaluate current and future occupancy with visual floor plan graphics, attract prospects, improve customer experience and gain better analytical insights with a click of a button from one fully integrated platform.

Drive retail leasing performance with automation

The retail sector generates more data each month than most vertical real estate markets. Using Excel spreadsheets is no longer suitable for you to gain valuable insights into your data or trends. It makes it difficult to find the right information and usually involves a lot of manual input.

By automating retail metrics and leasing activities, you can optimise your shopping centre revenue. Property technology solutions designed for retail mall operators help remove manual processes and allow you to improve the customer experience and attract prospects.

Solutions such as Yardi’s award-winning retail suite can help you evaluate current and future occupancy with visual floor plan graphics. They also remove the hassle of collecting data from multiple systems, which helps reduce costs, drives revenue streams and increases asset value.

Investing in the right technology that suits your operations can transform how you work.

Increase visibility

Connected technology helps you make informed leasing decisions based on space availability, restrictive lease clauses, stacking plans and floor plans. By moving away from disparate systems and having an end-to-end platform, you can gain easy visualisation of your vacancies and occupancy performance indicators.

If you utilise an innovative, cloud-based solution, you can access insightful analytics that you can use to make better-informed business decisions, whilst working from any location.

All-in-one solutions, such as Yardi’s Commercial Suite, give you better data insights that help shopping centre managers satisfy the needs of their shopping centre visitors, retailers and investors in ways that e-commerce cannot.

Commercial Real Estate runs on Yardi

With Yardi’s Retail Suite, you can optimise all aspects of your retail centre management and gain the benefits of a single connected solution for commercial asset management. Yardi Retail Manager fully integrates with Yardi Voyager, Yardi Construction Manager, Yardi Forecast Manager and more, providing a fully end-to-end solution.