Streamline the Residential Leasing Journey for Residents & Operators


When managing residential real estate operations, delivering a seamless end-to-end resident experience is fundamental. From managing your brand online and attracting prospective residents to signing the lease and servicing the day-to-day needs of residents, a frictionless experience is expected in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

End-to-end platforms, such as Yardi’s Residential Suite, are purposely designed for residential to allow operators to manage all aspects of the leasing journey in one application. With high visibility across prospect, applicant and resident data, these platforms streamline management and keep communication consistent. Having a connected solution helps save you time, increases operational efficiency and enhances the resident experience.

Measuring marketing efforts

The growth of many residential developments derives from the initial success of marketing efforts. This is why you need to first understand the effectiveness of digital marketing throughout the leasing journey.

Implementing a leasing dashboard that integrates with property websites, such as Internet Listing Services (ILS), including Dubizzle and Property Finder, as well as social media channels, provides you with high visibility on all leads attributed in a single pipeline.

Having a single view of leads helps improve the operational efficiency of your leasing teams as you alleviate the need to navigate multiple platforms to find the right data.

Additionally, having access to precise real-time data of all leads and sources is important as it provides scope for regular analysis and reporting. Operators can utilise accurate data to review the success rates of all digital sources and maximise usage and expenditure in the appropriate areas.

Seamless tour bookings

A recent Yardi survey of RentCafe users found that 31% of renters preferred self-guided tours or had no preference before 2020. Now, 83% of renters say they would take a self-guided tour if one was available.

Booking tours is one of the first touch points for your prospects, so ensuring your teams are equipped with the right tools to streamline and simplify this process is vital.

According to hereSAY’s recent mystery shop, the pre-viewing experience, which rates communication and interaction prior to visiting, achieved the highest scores across all residential schemes. This demonstrates how important those first touch points are in the prospect’s journey.

With this priority in mind, you need to have a leasing platform that includes calendar functionality, which integrates directly from your property website to your CRM system. These platforms allow your calendar to work instantaneously with live tour availability and automatically generate guest profiles for a seamless booking journey.

You can then utilise automated follow-ups to ensure operators successfully nurture their prospects post-viewing.

Effective lease query management

From receiving the initial application to signing the lease, being proactive to all queries is essential in maintaining customer satisfaction. Regardless of the touchpoint, whether from your concierge team, an inbound phone call or via the resident app, connected solutions, such as Yardi’s, allow you to create tickets and manage all client data effectively from a single end-to-end interface.

Having full visibility across your team of any queries that may arise provides a transparent line of communication from the responding operator to the prospect or resident.

Your residential management software should include functionalities, such as dashboard assignees and manager notes, as these allow your senior management teams to track the process. It also helps to increase accountability and ensures all queries are managed instinctively by your team, which instates trust for your prospects and residents, increasing customer service satisfaction and resident retention.

Streamlined communication

Streamline your communication with automated follow-up capabilities to mitigate the risk of vacancies and ensure that you are fully leased, quicker. Utilising this technology improves the operational efficiency of your leasing teams and frees up their time to focus on nurturing quality relationships with prospects and residents.

Opting for a leasing management solution that offers customisable templates within automated workflows will facilitate the common messaging associated with complaints, leasing queries, incident reports and more. This means you can speed up the leasing process and keep communication between operators and prospects consistent.

Furthermore, you can enhance the volume of interactions that take place throughout the leasing journey by utilising sources that are more familiar to your prospects, such as live chat and SMS.

With an all-in-one solution, such as Yardi’s Residential Suite, any communication that occurs through these types of channels gets transcribed and placed into the guest profile, which provides your leasing teams will full visibility of the applicant or resident query.

Discover Yardi’s end-to-end residential solution

Yardi’s single solution, including software and mobile apps, provides a fully end-to-end platform for the management of your residential operations. High-performance branded websites, powerful online applications, CRM and leasing are combined with financial and property management, procurement, maintenance, construction management and investor reporting to provide a seamless experience.

Additionally, our white-label resident app can be branded to your company or community to further enhance the resident journey. By utilising a connected platform, you enable your residents to take control of their application process, payments and more. Yardi’s residential platform is not only designed to digitalise and automate operations but to empower teams to free up valuable time to focus on nurturing residents and communities with one source of truth.