YASC Middle East 2023


YASC Middle East (Yardi Advanced Solutions Conference) returned as an in-person event for the first time since 2019 at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai. The conference attracted more than 400 clients and ICN Partners from over seven countries for two days of learning and discovering new solutions, networking and entertainment. YASC offers the opportunity to stay ahead of industry trends and emerging challenges with a stimulating combination of classroom instruction, Yardi solution experts and industry peers. With in-depth insights, exclusive live entertainment and social activities, YASC is a can’t-miss event for our clients. 

Yardi’s Neal Gemassmer, vice president of international opened day one alongside Aditya Shah, senior director of Middle East services & operations and Haytham Jamous, senior manager of professional services group.

Panel Session 

Sebastian Samuel, the chief information officer of AW Rostamani, which manages a mixed-use portfolio, and Raed Al Hadad, the chief operating officer of Makani Real Estate, which specialises in retail properties, joined Neal Gemassmer in a panel discussion. The main topic focused on the current state of the real estate market in the Middle East and predictions for its future.

Highlights include:

  • The current status of utilising technology for real estate management and the general advancement towards digitalisation of businesses in the Middle East
  • Challenges and barriers that are leading businesses to the selection of technology partners
  • The region’s current view on ESG

“The successful management of 10 malls spread across different locations would not have been possible without having the right technology partner who understands the Middle East real estate market, delivers scalable solutions and facilitates seamless integrations,” said Raed Al Hadad, COO, Makani Real Estate.

“I’m quite happy that Yardi is introducing an energy solution to the region because one of the crucial aspects of ESG in the proptech space is recognising that without proper measurement, effective management becomes impossible,” said Sebastian Samuel, CIO, AW Rostamani.

Region Product Update 

Megi Cara, solutions consultant for Yardi introduced Yardi Kube for Coworking in the Middle East – our single solution for managing coworking and flexible workspaces. It helps generate leads, manage accounting and operations while providing self-service options for members via a mobile app. Operators who utilise Yardi Kube gain comprehensive oversight of all aspects of coworking and flexible workspace operations.

We also introduced Yardi Pulse Energy Management, recognising the importance of energy efficiency for all property managers. This allows you to explore methods of reducing your property’s energy consumption, enhancing tenant comfort and simplifying analysis and reporting with automated energy management solutions.

Client Feedback 

“It’s been a great YASC 2023! The interactive sessions helped us understand how Elevate will benefit our business, especially with the new modules being implemented. I’m particularly excited about the forecasting module as I believe it will greatly benefit Brookfield,” said Lorraine Smith, finance director for Brookfield Properties.

“As the Head of IT, Yardi offers a comprehensive suite of tools that fulfil all my requirements for effectively managing property management risks, boosting revenue generation and optimising operational and management processes. My attendance at YASC 2023 expanded my understanding of the Yardi workflow and shed light on previously unknown processes. In particular, I gained valuable insights into Utility Manager and discovered improved strategies for leveraging its capabilities,” said Ala Elayyan, head of IT for Deyaar Developments.

“I believe that Yardi stands out as one of the best software solutions for leasing applications and YASC serves as a great platform for delving deeper into the extensive offerings of Yardi. By offering valuable insights into forthcoming features and enhancements, it empowers us to strategically plan our future endeavours and ensure that we remain at the forefront of technological progress,” said Pallavi Shalgaonkar, senior manager, IT Applications for Al Ghurair Real Estate.

Save the date and join us next year for YASC Middle East, April 2024