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Debt Manager

Manage all aspects of debt in real estate

Gain transparency, mitigate risk and increase efficiency by automating accounting functions whether your interests are in managing loan information or debt investments. Improve visibility into your debt, eliminate spreadsheets and disparate solutions with a fully connected debt management platform.

For Borrowers

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Eliminate Spreadsheets

Centralise tracking of all loan terms, eliminating disparate disconnected systems and spreadsheets. Reduce manual error and increase data accuracy with a fully connected real estate platform.


Automate Payments

Automate payments to lenders and gain full visibility and audit trails into payment history. Integrate with Yardi Voyager and Investment Accounting for accounting at any level in the ownership hierarchy.


Mitigate Risk

Ensure deliverables are sent to lenders on time and track collateral and critical dates with notifications. Monitor status of key covenants for compliance.


Manage Complex Loan Terms & Types

Accurately calculate loans of any type or complexity. Provide stakeholders access to loan information, critical dates and lender covenants.

Debt Investments


Automate Accounting

Fully integrated with Yardi Investment Accounting for complete insight and automated transactions from the borrower through the investment structures to investors.

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Increase Visibility

Provide access to internal stakeholders for the entire loan investment portfolio. Gain visibility into key metrics, critical dates and covenants.


Centralise Loan Tracking

Eliminate spreadsheets and the manual effort involved with connecting disparate systems.


Manage Multiple Loan Types

Track and account for all types of investment loans and structures: interest-only, principal and interest, draw loans, revolvers, letters of credit, inter-company, syndicated loans and more.

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