First Set of European Clients are Testing Voyager 7S Services


Yardi recently announced the launch of Voyager 7S, our latest platform version deployed as part of our SaaS (Software as a Service) implementation program, hence “7S”.

As well as featuring a range of new functions, the latest version of the Voyager platform is now cross-browser compatible. In addition to Internet Explorer, Voyager 7S can now be run through Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

This plug-in introduces a number of new navigation features designed to enhance the user experience, speed day to day tasks and help efficiencies. While the user interface has been upgraded, one important thing to note is that Voyager core functionality is still intact — there won’t be a significant need to retrain current Voyager users.

User Setting for Mobile Devices
On the employee/user screen, there is a new setting for mobile users. The Use Browser Agnostic check box changes the way the interface behaves. Instead of opening a pop-up window when you drill down, Voyager opens a new tab in the original window. This setting is recommended for iPads and other mobile devices.

Menu Search
The new menu search feature allows you to quickly find a menu item. Enter a word, phrase, or partial word in the search box, and Voyager immediately returns the matching menu items. When you click the desired menu item, Voyager opens the corresponding screen.

Site Search
The Site Search feature allows you to quickly find Voyager records. You can search all records, or you can narrow your search to single record type.

When you click the new Favourites icon, Voyager displays a list of menu items that you have designated as “favourites.” Select an item to open the corresponding screen. The Favourites menu is linked to the user and current menu set; each user can build and maintain a favourites menu for each Voyager module he or she uses.

When you click the new History icon, Voyager displays a list of the menu items selected in your current session; you can now click on a “history” item to return to that screen. The History feature only tracks items selected from the menu, not links from the dashboard.

Hot Keys
You can now create keyboard combinations for menu items. For example, if you frequently need to review customer records, you can create a keyboard combination for the Review Customer screen.

Intelligent Lookup
For fields linked to lookup lists, Voyager now offers faster data entry through an “auto-complete” function. You simply type a few characters, and Voyager looks for records that start with those characters, displays them on the screen, and allows you to select the one you are looking for. With Core PI 1, you can now search for codes, not just descriptions. If you only remember part of a code, you can enter a few characters and Voyager will return any matches.

There also a number of enhancements within links, filters, style sheets and refresh functionality.

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